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Who We Are

We are, first and foremost, a home.

And the people who live under our roof become like family.

A young boy first walks through these doors…

broken and afraid

angry and bewildered

anxious and alone.

Abuse, neglect, violence and unspeakable trauma have derailed his childhood.


It is our mission to rebuild healthy lives for these children...allow them to reconstruct the dream of a rewarding and productive life…and restore hope and joy to them completely… body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.


We believe it is never too late for a happy childhood.

The severity and acuity of the boys' challenges necessitate the expertise of a highly skilled professional staff. Our team comprises clinical therapists, youth specialists, education counselors, recreation staff, and a medical liaison. Together, they develop tailored treatment plans for each child, providing structured support to rebuild their lives.

With over fifty full and part-time staff supported by dedicated volunteers, our trauma-informed residential treatment programs offer:

  • QRTP (Qualified Residential Treatment Program) certification

  • Family-oriented treatment with a focus on permanency planning and adoption services

  • Clinical Therapy services provided by licensed professionals for both children and families

  • A 1:3 staffing ratio to ensure personalized care

  • Access to a consulting psychiatrist with 24/7 availability

  • On-call consulting pediatrician

  • Round-the-clock access to nursing services administered by licensed RNs

  • Internship opportunities, including a program with Wayne State University in Speech and Language pathology

  • Additional academic support through on-campus tutoring and a summer school program

  • Centralized food service program with nutritional planning

  • In-service training for all staff members, including a Trauma-based training program through the Traumatic Stress Institute

  • Summer Camp program

  • Intensive recreational programming that includes independent living skills, art, and music therapy

  • Summer Farm/Animal Therapy Program

  • Diverse volunteer and recreation programming

  • Intensive, coordinated aftercare program to ensure continued support post-residency.

Our Mission

The mission of Christ Child House is to be an innovative treatment program that fosters hope and healing for children and families impacted by trauma.

We Need Your Support Today!

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