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It’s never too

late to have a happy childhood


The mission of Christ Child House is to be an innovative treatment program that fosters hope and healing for children and families impacted by trauma.

Our History

CCH is a recognized residential treatment center in Michigan, offering trauma-informed care and certified as a QRTP (Qualified Residential Treatment Facility). Since 1948, we've been providing intensive residential care for up to 31 boys aged 6 through 16. As a reputable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Families and Children (COA) and proudly affiliated with the Michigan Federation for Children and Families. CCH has been honored multiple times by the U.S. Commerce Association as the "Best Children's Home in Detroit," solidifying our national reputation for excellence.

Join Us

Give Every Child A
Happy Childhood.
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"Ever since opening its doors in 1958, Christ Child House has provided the gold standard of care and healing for children throughout Michigan who have been impacted by trauma. With its premier trauma informed residential treatment center, Christ Child House creates a safe haven for children who can begin healing while safe and being supported by the most innovative child and family centered programming, all while working toward successful futures. Christ Child House is held in the highest regard and seen as providing the highest quality of services by its partners within the Michigan Federation for Children and Families as well as within leadership of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services."

Janet Reynold Snyder,
Executive Director of Michigan Federation for Children and Families

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